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Call Now for Booking & Enquiries: 071 170 6153

One of the Leading
Logistics and Transport Companies in South Africa


Gauteng to Cape Town from R 13 900

Cape Town to Gauteng from R 12 900

Gauteng to Durban from R 8 900

Durban to Gauteng from R 7 900

Gauteng to Port Elizabeth from R 11 900

Port Elizabeth to Gauteng from R 10 900

Gauteng to Bloemfontein from R 6 900

Bloemfontein to Gauteng from R 5900

The leading logistics and transport company in South Africa is a significant contributor to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), with contributions between 15 to 25%. This industry also employs over 300 000 people, and it has one of the most important strategic impacts on the economy of the country.


The different role-players in the logistics and transport industry in South Africa can be divided into:

  • Sea freight
  • Terminals
  • Depos
  • Warehouses
  • Air and courier
  • Freight forwarders and custom brokers
  • Transporters and long-distance

Each of these segments of logistics and transport supports different functions and sectors in South Africa, forming part of a large chain where each link has a crucial role that must be fulfilled.

There are many logistics and transport companies in the country that fall into the transporters and long-distance category, and Red Trucks is one of the leading companies within its competitive field.

Established in 2017 by Francois Brier, Red Transport (Pty) Ltd had a clear mission from the start; to provide truck rental in Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Cape Town at affordable prices.

Red Transport has worked ceaselessly to become the first company on the dial list of prospective customers when they have a need for a logistics and transport company.

The services that Red Transport offers its customers include:

  • A driver for the truck that is being rented
  • Loading of items to be transported
  • Transporting of furniture and other items to its designation
  • Offloading of items once the truck arrives at its designation


While the service of Red Transport comprises of several components, it is important for customers to note that services exclude:

  • Packing of furniture and/or other items into boxes, containers, or other packaging
  • The wrapping of items in packaging materials to be moved
  • Additional items which are not listed on the comprehensive inventory list
  • Additional trailers will not be provided if they are not booked prior to the move


All customers who use the services that Red Transport offers must ensure that they package their items securely before the truck arrives at the collection point. Red Transport is renowned for its fast and efficient removal services.


Before contacting Red Transport for a quote there are some important factors that prospective customers must consider:

  • When hiring the 4-ton truck, customers must ensure that there is adequate access close to items that are being collected
  • The 4-ton truck has a height of 3.6m and must be able to fit under any gates or structures to arrive at the pickup location
  • All items which must be moved must be prepared and ready for pickup when the truck arrives
  • Red Transport is not responsible for supplying boxes or any other packaging material
  • Red Transport offers customers the option to hire additional helpers to load items
  • If the area or flat from where items are being moved is not on the ground floor, it must be indicated prior to the move as there may be additional charges involved
  • Red Transport supplies its own blankets, rope, and a loading trolley on the moving truck
  • The loading and offloading of items to and from the truck must be supervised by the customer. Red Transport cannot be held liable for any loss and/or damage which occurs while the truck is being loaded or offloaded.
  • Customers have the option to apply for insurance to cover their items or goods while in transit.


The insurance that Red Transport offers relates to Goods In-Transit (GIT) Insurance. When customers apply for this option, they must consider the following:

  • GIT Insurance only covers items while they are being transported in the Red Transport truck
  • Items are considered insured once the doors of the truck close at the collection point until the doors open at the delivery address
  • GIT Insurance does not cover any item while loading/offloading of items is in progress. It is therefore crucial that the customer supervises the loading/offloading process.
  • If items are damaged or lost while in transit as result of an accident, theft, or hi-jacking, the excess amount payable by the customer will be R3500, making it eligible to claim
  • If there are any items that are lost or damaged while in transit, the Red Transport offices must be notified immediately before the driver leaves the delivery address
  • Any items which are reported as lost or damaged after the driver has left the delivery address will not be covered by GIT Insurance, and it is therefore the customer’s responsibility to ensure that loss/damage is reported in a timely fashion.


Other considerations when using the service of Red Transport include:

  • Traffic during peak hours which may affect the hourly rate that is being charged
  • The size of the building, house, office, flat and whether the items can be offloaded easily
  • Ensure that you are open and honest about the items being moved, especially when a larger truck will be needed to transport your goods
  • Consider whether you need a truck as opposed to renting a trailer instead

How is transportation cost calculated in logistics?


While each logistics and transport company may have their own formula for calculating costs, the typical quote is calculated according to load size, rate per hour or per kilometre, time, and distance from pick-up to drop-off.


What are logistics costs?


This refers to all the expenses that you accumulate when you are moving items or goods.


Is logistics a fixed cost?


No, it is not a fixed cost. There are factors that can affect the cost of logistics such as traffic, accidents, and others. In addition, while Red Transport offers fixed long-distance rates, there may be additional costs that must be considered.


How do I choose a logistics company?


To choose the right logistics company, you must consider the size of the load, the distance it must travel, and which companies can accommodate your move based on these parameters. Another way is to research companies and to read reviews by customers who have use their services.