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Red Trucks - Hire a truck and driver for all your transport needs!

REDTRUCKS is here to cater for the entire market no matter how big or small. Our purpose is to help you immediately, in the most efficient and effective manner AND at the MOST affordable price!

Whether you need to:

  • Rent a truck & driver to transport an item too big for your vehicle (Fridge, bed, couch, etc).
  • Rent a truck & driver to do deliveries for all types of businesses.
  • Rent a truck & driver to move flat, town house or house.
  • Rent a truck & Driver to move office, shop or business.

We are here to help!

Redtrucks - Rent a truck for all your transport and logistic needs

Best Truck Hire Moving and Logistics Company in Gauteng and in Western Cape

Scouring the internet for reputable truck rentals in Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town can be a daunting task. Redtrucks is one of the best logistics companies in Gauteng and Western Cape and offers fast and reliable services when transporting goods for clients. You can hire a truck to make the move as quick and easy as possible. Having to move to a new home or office space can either be exciting or nerve-wracking. The trusted Red Trucks team can help to make this transition both exciting and comfortable.

Reputable logistics companies in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town

Here at Red Trucks it is our goal to satisfy our clients with the time it takes us to load and unload the trucks. We work to get things done; as soon as we arrive at your property in Johannesburg, Pretoria or Cape Town, we start to load the trucks with your packages. This is why we request clients to ensure that everything is already securely packaged before we get on site. Our team does not do the packaging of the goods that need to be transported. We are solely responsible for the loading, transporting and offloading.

As soon as the truck stops at the pickup location, the clock starts ticking for the time you have rented the truck. The Red Trucks moving company team is energetic and will always deliver the best possible customer service. Satisfying your transport needs is always our first priority. When you come to us for truck rentals, know that the drivers are vigilant and the helpers handle your possessions with care. Our removal trucks cannot be rented without a driver.

We know that moving to a new house or office without relying on moving companies in Pretoria, Johannesburg or Cape Town, can be a daunting task. To make it as convenient as possible, we provide many extra options or services such as helpers and trailers. This will save lots of time and of course money, seeing that you pay per hour at Red Trucks. Blankets, as well as ropes and loading trollies can be great aids during the loading and off-loading of large, heavy items.

We encourage clients to be present during this process to supervise as the workers handle packages. Red Trucks is not responsible for any loss or damage during this time. Another important factor to remember, is that insurance only covers the items while in transit. This means that the goods are protected from the moment the doors close at the pick-up site, until the second they are opened again at the delivery address.

Our friendly consultants will give you a detailed explanation of insurance GIT, if there are any uncertainties about what is covers, as well as terms and conditions that you need to be aware of. The insurance cost and value will depend on the items being transported. Be sure to get the right coverage for your load in case of hi-jackings accidents and other possible scenarios.

Affordable truck rental in Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town from Red Trucks

Our truck hire prices are very reasonable and the extra services are just as affordable. We do short trips from neighbourhoods such as Rosslyn, Pretoria to Johannesburg and long trips from Gauteng or Western Cape to other towns in the country. House and office moves are no challenge to us. There are various options to choose from for different size homes, flats and offices. Besides the helpers who will help to get the job done faster, trailers can be rented too. We have 500 kg and 1-ton trailers. Other types of trailers can always be provided on request.

Clients who pack their own belongings are more at ease knowing that everything is organised and secure. Moving trucks for hire in Johannesburg, make it quick and easy to move the furniture or freight in just one trip instead of repeated trips and smaller loads. Time is money – both valuable commodities not to be wasted. For this reason, we will immediately start to pack the goods in the truck and get on our way to the new destination. “Many hands make light work,” this is the mindset we have at Red Trucks and the reason why people so often make use of extra helpers. Our committed team will give their all to deliver nothing less than the best customer service of any transport or logistics company in Gauteng.

As soon as you have safely packed and bubble-wrapped every item as necessary, there’s only one thing left to do. Send your location to Red Trucks and our removal truck, as well as helpers will be right on their way. The popular Red Trucks fleet is waiting for your call to hire a truck so they can move anything you need, wherever you need it, whenever you need it. We are known for our fast-paced workers, experienced drivers and friendly customer service. If you want a reliable logistics company in Gauteng and in Western Cape, who will go above and beyond to make sure that your move is completed within no time and who will transport goods in the fastest, safest manner, Red Trucks is the right truck hire company for you. Anything from large furniture pieces, to small packages in large amounts can be transported with our brilliant 4-ton rental trucks.

Clients who make use of cargo companies in Johannesburg must always first take factors such as traffic during specific hours, into account when setting an arrival time for the removal trucking company. Traffic delays could mean that you have to pay for more hours when transporting items for a home or office move.

You can take your time to browse through our site and consider the different options on offer. All our services and specials are clearly indicated here, along with truck hire prices and the costs of optional extras such as trailers and helpers. If you need to hire a 4-ton truck from one of the top transport companies in Gauteng and western Cape to do either short or long trips, contact us today. The Red Trucks team is on standby and at your service whenever you are ready for your house or office move.

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Redtrucks - Rent a truck for all your transport and logistic needs